Electric motor connection

The electric motor is a machine that appeared for some time and is constantly growing. This growth is allowing this machine to be used by very different segments, thus allowing it shows its full potential and simplicity, so that preference is given to it.

The conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is done thanks to this engine. He can perform this process simply and effectively, thus has several different models in order to be present in segments and varied products that require the operation of mechanical energy.

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For this engine can operate correctly it is necessary for connecting it occurs correctly. The electric motor connection is not too secret, but it is necessary to pay attention because this process can change and vary according to type of engine model being used. So see what the connection is most suitable for your engine.

Thermostatic valve

Thermostatic valve is nothing more than solenoid that opens and closes as the car engine temperature

Many mechanics across the country consider unnecessary thermostatic valve, because they considered that Brazil is not a very cold country and when the car engine heated to blame valve was. However, the thermostatic valve car must never be removed because it is who performs the car maintaining the temperature should be neither too hot nor too cold.

When working too cold, the car engine can not reach its full lubricity. find nord gear products

The valve is nothing more than solenoid that opens and closes as the car engine temperature. When it does not work, the result is a car engine from overheating and it made the mechanics to bring forth out of the car, but the ideal is to replace the thermostatic valve and not withdraw.

Three-phase electric motor is protected by the phase failure relay

The relay phase failure is used in order to protect the three-phase electric motor, because its function is to detect whether there is a lack of phase and so the phase failure is detected, it opens the auxiliary contact and switches the electric drive the protected electric motor.

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The relay phase failure is easily installed, it is connected directly to a three-phase electrical network, because it has contacts that are inside, through the R input; S; T; Making monitoramente the power grid and its front has a pot that will govern with sensitivity that best fits the electrical installation.

All electrical circuit models are easy to be assembled, but it is necessary to pay attention and be done by someone who has technical knowledge, because the relay phase failure serves to protect the electric motor.

Electric motor is a key part in the electronic gates

The automatic gates or also called electronic gates are standing out in the market, it is the automatic gate that brings versatility and security when people want to go home or leaving home. With electronic gate, the entrance and exit were safer because it does not take more out of the car.


The electric motor is fundamental piece in the electronic gates, it is the electric motor that causes the slide gate on the side or climb vertically and these gates are called tippers Automation. With electronic gate, the process out of the car to open or close the gate no longer exists because the remote is that makes the electronic gate opens or closes when triggered.

The most common types of electronic gates are screen plates and shutter gates, tube, and screen, only pipe, tube and timber, and also sheet metal and wood.

Learn how an electric induction motor consists

The electric motor or asynchronous motor consists of the following parts: a magnetic circuit that is static and has empilhas ferromagnetic plates and are isolated from each other and thus give the name of the stator.

The electric motor also has coils which consist of groups which are depending on the electric motor can be single-phase or polyphase which are placed in troughs which are open in the stator and receiving the alternating current network. mro supply

The rotor has a ferromagnetic core that is also laminated on, and it is a coil or a set of conductors that are placed in parallel to them are induced and currents which are caused by alternating current from the stator coils.

The rotor of the electric motor is supported a shaft and this shaft is transmitting mechanical energy that is produced.

Universal Electric Motor

Many questions arise as to what is a universal electric motor model. For those who do not know is an engine that allows you to connect both the direct current as well as alternating current, so that it is seen as universal as it can meet these two types of connections. single phase 60 hz tf279262s

From the moment in which the engine operates with direct or alternating current it is seen as a universal model. In both cases goal is always to make the transformation of electricity into energy enchants, the main function of these motors. Not all types of universal motors person models usually do two different functions.

For being the most comprehensive search engine and that much covers the various processes just that the price is a little higher than models that only one function. It would be interesting to consider whether you actually need a universal electric motor model before making a purchase of it. If use is made ends up being more advantageous to acquire it.

Tilting gate with electric motor requires daily maintenance

The electric gate is a device that can be driven a thousand times during the day and he is responsible for bringing security to the condominium residents. The electric gate problems in the electric motor, haunt the liquidators because they tend to occur with some frequency. best cdp3310 pieces only on mro

The condo residents want the electric motor electric gate to function effectively, they want to come and go safely and comfortably and not see the gate open all the time generating insecurity, because the electric motor does not run.

The rocker type is indicated gate as it opens up and is common in condominiums, it occupies less space, but needs attention. Both the electric motor as the gate need daily maintenance because parts must always be lubricated and the cables always in good condition for when required work of effective way.

DC electric motor has the same function as the other electric motors

The DC electric motor just like any other electric motor has the function of transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, but the DC electric motor has a different striking in its power, because the DC electric motor can only be powered by a current DC voltage.

The DC voltage to the DC electric motor can receive come from the batteries when the electric motor is small and in cases of major motor voltage may be obtained through an alternate network that has been rectified.

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The DC electric motor has the stator, rotor and stator comutador.O has a coil that receives power through a direct voltage source which is always continuous. In the small electric motor stator can be only one permanent magnet.

The rotor is also fed by a source of direct voltage which reaches through the switch and graphite brushes. The switch, in turn, is a mechanical device which are connected to the coil terminals which belongs to the armature and its function is to systematically reverse the direction of the DC current flowing around the armature.

Stepper motor is an electric motor which is to place something accurately

The stepper motor, also called step motor is an electric motor which is to place something accurately or rotate precisely or even put in the exact angle. The operation of the stepper motor is equal to its name, as it allows it to be controlled step by step so that its rotation happens at small angles.

When the shaft of the stepper electric motor turns strokes, these strokes are controlled by an electronic circuit that is connected directly to your doorstep.


There are four stator coils in the stepping motor forming angles which are placed ninety degrees.

Step electric motor lets its axis suffers with shifts that are extremely accurate and for that to happen is no need for an external feedback is made by any device that is coupled to the electric motor as the step of electric motor has a system open. compare hotel prices .

Yield of an electric motor

The efficiency of an electric motor is what makes its use grows more each day. This very effective motorcycle engine in cases where it is inserted and so has been the oldest technology in various segments of the body such different.

As regards the feeling show this electric motor is the most suitable. Today we have so many types of engines that can adapt to various types and purposes. test website load speed parental blocker Before purchasing an electric motor is required to have knowledge about which model fits better than you need.

When we talk about non-use of an electric motor it is very clear that he feels more economical than other equipment. There is even a calculation for the electric motor of income. The yield can vary according to each process and this engine is submitted, so that each manufacturer usually mention as to how to do this calculation. https://www.mrosupply.com/electrical/strain-relief/strain-relief-grips/1033120_ps0509ngy_hubbell-wiring-devices/